**~~ Learn Spanish! ~~**

You can do it. Of course it takes time and effort
but with a great teacher to help you, you can do it!

    Profesora Yaira

I am Yaira, a native Spanish speaker with years of experience teaching both beginners and advanced students. I will give you a solid foundation while also making classes fun and interesting. 
I am Panamanian, born and raised in Chiriqui Province. If you want to visit or live in Panama I can tell you about the local culture and customs while teaching you the local language. You will have such a better experience here if you can communicate and get to know the lovely people who live in Panama. Even a little Spanish is very helpful. 
Classes are given over the internet so times can be arranged for your location and at your convenience, while having the benefits of a private tutor and individual attention. You can go at your own pace and focus on your own needs.

I use Skype, a free program that runs on any computer platform. You will need a computer with an internet connection, and a microphone. Many perfer a headset to decrease background noise and distractions. With Skype we can talk, use video to see each other, write using the chat feature, and share files as needed. I have found this works as well as sitting together in a classroom. You can arrange classes daily, weekly, or whatever meets your needs. Contact me and we will discuss your goals and make a plan together. 
Prices start at $10/hour, with discounts for package deals or multiple classes per week. Write and tell me your goals and preferences and we will find a package that meets your needs. Payment can be arranged by Western Union or  MoneyGram


Send me an email at YairaTutoria@Gmail.com 
and we will get you started right away!

I have had the pleasure of working with Yaíra a few times over the years and  will certainly study with her again in the future. I have studied Spanish for many years, in many different schools with many different professors; I can say Yaíra is easily amongst the best. She creates engaging lessons, excellent materials, and is able to explain the Spanish language in a way that all students can understand. Her online classes are well organized and allow me to study Spanish despite my busy schedule. I personally have worked with Yaíra on different occasions to improve my Spanish for various jobs and job interviews and on each occasion she has prepared me not only to achieve the Spanish required but actually exceed it. I will continue my studies with her again in the future to prepare for my DELE exam.  Yaíra is an amazing person and an excellent teacher. Whether you are a beginning Spanish learner or advanced, she can and will help you achieve your language goals. (Nick)
"My husband and I took classes from Yaira and I highly recommend her.  She gives clear explanations and provided lots of examples and practice.  I was impressed with how patient and good natured she was with all of our questions.  We learned a lot!" (Rona)
Yaira helped me so much! She uses a variety of methods and activities to keep it interesting, but she is also very thorough and makes sure you have a good foundation. I thank her every day for her kindness and patience, and for my ability to communicate in my adopted country.  (Kris)
I have taken Spanish lessons from Yaira for about a month now. She is an excellent teacher and is very patient with the learning process. Each day I learn something new and I am making good progress in learning a new language. I have tried other learning methods including books and audio recordings but the interaction with a competent instructor is a much better way to learn. I would highly recommend Yaira if you wish to learn Spanish.  (Jack)